How do we do it

We consider every space and customer unique.

We execute your project “a la carte”, meeting all of your needs. We offer creative solutions for each space, seeking a balance between functional and decorative.

Any space works.

We master all areas of design, both INDOOR and OUTDOOR: home and office furniture, temporal installations, retail space decoration, offices, storefronts… always with a focus to detail.

We are passionate about our work.

We love challenges! Test us! We provide free estimates with no commitment on your part. We are sure we can meet your needs, being as creative and as economical as possible.

We provide creativity and excitement in everything we do:

Basic project. In a basic project we collect measurements, generate floor plans along with spacial views and present a proposal with different options. These options include: materials, finishes, lighting, furniture, color palette and textures, with images for reference.

Project Execution and Monitoring.If you want to go a step further, we will execute the Project, providing the required technical drawings (sanitation, plumbing, electricity, air conditioning, etc.) as well as supervising the execution with your Contractor of choice.

Consulting en Decoración

Proposal for furniture and suppliers.If all you need is a little face-lift or to transform a room without the hassle of in-depth work, we can design your space including furniture and a floor plan, images for your reference, color palettes, fabrics and finally a list of vendors where you will be able to purchase your furniture from so you are all set to DIY!

Turnkey service. If you are willing to transform your space and are ready for zero-hassle, this is what you are looking for. We will take care of everything, once you approve our proposal, from receiving all materials to final placement of all elements.

Design and create of custom furniture. We design and create furniture tailored to each project, both for home design and for workplaces, displays, etc.

Design, staging and execution of commercial storefronts..

Exhibition spaces. We participate in events of the Design World like Home Decor, DecorAcción, etc. We design temporary installations, exhibition spaces and any other challenge we are given!

Our low-cost projects are those in which we let our imagination run wild, using recycled materials, creatively giving a different use to your everyday objects that help us create the desired atmosphere at a really affordable price. Low-cost is not  synonym of low-quality, but of good ideas!